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Global drug market: growth at half-mast: the French exception


The IQVIA firm put last year on a possible stabilization in 2017. This is not yet the case, the city drug market in France continues to erode. Growth has been sluggish since 2010 in a global context where other mature countries have been growing again since 2015.

The economist Claude Le Pen confirms the French exception. Presenting the results of the study of IQVIA (ex QuintilesIMS), Intelligence 360, he assures, "the drug is a growing market in the world, even if this is not seen in France". Average growth of between 3 and 4% per year, driven by the return of the so-called mature countries, and primarily by the United States.

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KnApp: implements first knapp-store in the mckesson europe group


GEHE is opening a brand-new, ultramodern subsidiary in Rostock, Germany, this summer. This investment in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern will provide the company with top-notch storage and central belt technology for more than 100,000 different medicines. The new site in Rostock will consolidate the activities of the existing subsidiaries in Schwerin and Neubrandenburg.

GEHE opted for a cutting-edge central belt combination of a fast-mover autopicker and a KNAPP-Store – a unique fusion in the McKesson Europe group – to supply their customers even more efficiently. The KNAPP-Store ensures easy handling of slow-moving articles and returns as well as articles with different lot numbers and date marks. Picking the articles onto a common central belt together with continuous tracking ensures fast and error-free processing of all articles in the warehouse. More information available here

KNAPP builds new innovaton centre


After the completion of the Corporate Headquarters and Development Centre in 2011, KNAPP AG is again investing in its Hart bei Graz location. A modern six-story office building with an Innovation Centre will be completed by the autumn of 2019. Two production halls will also be erected as well as a large photovoltaic plant for efficient energy management. KNAPP’s latest building project starts with the ground-breaking ceremony on March 16, 2018.

The constantly growing number of employees – since 2004, the number of employees at the headquarters of the Styrian logistics company in Hart bei Graz has more than doubled from 1,000 to around 2,200 – and the associated lack of office space is just one of the reasons for the investment. KNAPP is growing on average by 150 new employees every year at the Hart bei Graz location alone and is constantly on the lookout for qualified technicians, especially in software and IT, but also for the planning, development and startup of logistics systems.

“In recent years, our order receipt has shown growth of 15 to 16 percent, our sales have increased by an average of 14.5 and our profitability by 21 percent. This growth requires us to follow suit with our infrastructure both at our subsidiaries as well as here at the Hart bei Graz site,” declared KNAPP COO Franz Mathi about the motives behind the building expansion.

Innovation Centre with showroom and 470 office work stations

The Innovation Centre is being built where an old production hall once stood. The first construction machines are already up and running and will transform one part of the company premises for about 20 months into an impressive construction site. The new company building has a distinctive modern design and will be economically heated by district heating.

Next to a reception area on the ground floor, rooms are planned for employee and customer events as well as a separate theatre/lecture hall with space for 130 people. The building will have an upscale showroom with a 10-metre-high ceiling, in which KNAPP can present its customers and guests with the latest technologies in the world of warehouse logistics. Offices across four floors will provide 470 employees with a state-of-the-art work environment. The building wings are arranged in a comb formation, so the light-flooded offices are all just steps away from each other. The sizes of the rooms can be flexibly adapted and offer optimal opportunities for communication. All office floors have open spaces in the form of covered, recessed balconies. Landscaped roof terraces also form four courtyards that are designed for informal use by employees.

In parallel to the new building, a production hall will be expanded. Across 10,000 m², two more halls will be in construction, effectively doubling the production space. Here, there will also be work stations for around 150 employees. The stand-alone power supply is provided by two powerful rooftop photovoltaic systems on top of the two halls. All in all, KNAPP will be investing the equivalent of about a year’s profit – a clear commitment to the site. 

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KNAPP celebrates world premiere of osr shuttle evo at logimat


Evolution does not happen overnight, but as a pioneer in the field of shuttle technology with over 15 years of innovation, experience and market expertise in shuttle systems, KNAPP has succeeded in making an evolutionary leap into the future of warehouse logistics. The OSR Shuttle Evo combines all the best features from the world of shuttles and can be seen for the first time at theLogiMAT 2018.

Regardless of how the markets and industries develop over the coming years, the OSR Shuttle Evo is the perfect partner to meet the requirements. It can be flexibly expanded – tailored to investment and individual demands. In terms of design, the OSR Shuttle Evo has a new and distinctive style. Premium components and an intelligent design merge within minimal space to form a highly dynamic technical masterpiece that provides maximum productivity. KNAPP also pursues sustainability across the entire line – from product design, ergonomics and supplier selection all the way to life cycle management. Highest throughput and storage density on the market

The OSR Shuttle Evo integrates all the functions of classic shuttle systems to give the highest throughput and storage density on themarket. New processes such as storage, picking, buffering, sequencing or replenishment can be integrated with ease. Every shuttle can reach all of the storage locations and container lifts on their storage level, allowing the system to provide precise sequencing. As a result, the OSR Shuttle Evo perfectly supports the development of new sectors as well as omni-channel distribution. Besides optimum system interconnection based on the warehouse software KiSoft or SAP EWM by KNAPP as part of an SAP strategy, the OSR Shuttle Evo guarantees security, quality and service for the entire system lifecycle.



SSI Schaefer supplies state-of-the-art picking system to pharmaceutical wholesaler


Long-term success in the pharmaceutical sector calls for the highest transparency and consistent documentation. In order to meet these requirements, Pharmaceutical Distribution Company Slawex Sp. z o.o. from Lublin, leading pharmaceutical wholesaler in Poland, commissioned SSI Schaefer with the extension and modernization of their distribution center in Klaudyn. Fully automatic picking processes combined with the Schaefer Scan Machine meet pharmaceutical requirements and guidelines.

The combination of 12 fully automated A-Frame picking systems with the Schaefer Scan Machine facilitates efficient single product picking and reading according to the guidelines of tracking and tracing for pharmaceutical products. The collaboratively developed concept is complemented by RF picking, a complex bin conveying system, de-stackers and lidding and address insertion machines.

Optimized flow of goods thanks to automation

After dispensing individual products from the automats onto the collecting belt, the products are aligned and read from all six sides by highly sensitive cameras. Possible reading errors are marked, and the affected bins are automatically directed to a check station. Depending on the order structure, the system reads up to 10,000 individual products per hour with batch number, expiry date and serial number - thus enabling a fully automatic, transparent and consistent documentation of pharmaceutical products. Warehouse management and coordinated process control of order handling are achieved with the efficient logistics software WAMAS® by SSI Schaefer.

The intralogistics expert implemented the first phase of the system extension during operation in a very short period of time and the scan tunnel will be implemented in the first half of 2018. "The combination of highest efficiency, maximum picking safety with zero-error tolerance and automated digitalization of all required data was essential for ordering," summarizes Grzegorz Matuszewski, Operational Director at Slawex. "An innovative system concept is an important component for making our processes prepared for Industry 4.0 and further company growth." 

new, dynamic and scalable: Ssi flexi shuttle


Fragile goods require logistics solutions that guarantee safe handling and adapt to new types of packaging. Drugs from various temperature areas or fragile cosmetics in high-quality packaging – with a holistic view, SSI Schaefer can achieve a significant increase in performance with maximum process security. The intralogistics experts’ latest addition to the shuttle family convinces with intelligent functional variety, variable storage location sizes and maximum modularity – the SSI Flexi Shuttle.

The SSI Flexi Shuttle is an innovative solution for space-optimized storage of cartons, trays as well as cubic and conical bins. The modular concept, which combines shuttles, lifts, and a racking system, allows tailored and highly flexible system concepts with excellent use of space and high levels of technical performance. Thanks to the universal load handling device with adjustable width, the Flexi Shuttle can adapt to single-, double-, and multiple-deep storage of a broad spectrum of loading units and dimensions, even in deep-freeze conditions.

Unique: The rack conception with dynamically adjustable storage location sizes. Omitting permanently allocated x-storage positions, the rack conception facilitates space-optimized shelf occupancy with maximum storage density. This can even be achieved with a high diversity of loading units and a broad spectrum of transport dimensions.

Considerable increases in performance can be achieved in conjunction with the patented 3D-MATRIX Solution®. As well as having high-performance lifts installed at the end of the aisles this solution also allows any number of integrated lifts to be installed in any position throughout the storage aisles. It is therefore possible to combine highly dynamic solutions with automated storage, buffering, and integrated sequencing in just one system.

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