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The Cofares Group advances its environmental commitment with new projects to reduce the ecological footprint


The Cofares Group, a leading cooperative in the pharmacy distribution sector, has been betting for years on the development of strategies in favor of the environment that promote a reduction in water consumption, electricity consumption and the generation of waste. A philosophy that is framed in the respect and environmental protection present in the DNA of the organization, a public commitment in favor of the protection of the environment that includes its management policy and social responsibility.

In this context and coinciding with the celebration of World Environment Day, the Cofares Group has announced its willingness to launch different projects aimed at further reducing its environmental impact. In particular, it is an initiative to promote the application of zero waste strategies by promoting a waste management model based on the philosophy of circular economy, improving efficiency throughout the chain, the traceability of waste, its direct management and promoting the segregation of origin, all with the aim of reaching the goal of 'zero waste'.

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