European Healthcare Distribution Association / Groupement International de la Répartition Pharmaceutique


Stockholm, Sweden, 26-28 May 2019

“Building a Brighter Future: A Digital Agenda for Patients”

In 2019, we tackled the topic of digitisation and innovation throughout the healthcare supply chain to the benefit of the patient. Technology progress is having many direct and indirect impacts on healthcare. It is leading us towards an increased patient-centric practice as it enables new ways of dispensing and interacting with the patient. GIRP had convened a great panel of expert speakers to share their experience and knowledge and address the opportunities arising from new technologiesThe conference was structured around three key points to address: new technologies in the supply chain, collaboration with traditional and new healthcare stakeholders and the pharmacy of the future. We dived into all these revolutionising perspectives, exploring how the new trends will impact the sector and assessing what are the untapped opportunities to develop - keeping in mind always how these will bring to the utmost benefit of our patients.


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