European Healthcare Distribution Association / Groupement International de la Répartition Pharmaceutique


ASOP EU has been established with the objective of making buying medicines online safer, in countries where it is permitted by law.  It does not campaign for the introduction of online pharmacy in countries where it has yet to be legalised.


ASOP EU is an informal, independent multi-stakeholder coalition, with patient safety at the heart of everything that it stands for.

ASOP EU consists of various groups: patient organisations, healthcare providers, pharmacists, pharmaceutical companies, distributors, wholesalers, parallel traders, and online interme­diaries, such as logistics and postal companies, ISPs and platforms, search engines, and financial service providers that transact payments.  All participants are dedicated to increasing patient safety online and campaigning for tough action against illegal online pharmacies. It aims to make real and positive change to improve patient safety online, ensuring that Europe plays its important part in securing practical solutions to this growing global problem.

ASOP EU believes that the real power to disrupt the criminal business activity behind illegal online pharmacies lies with the key Internet intermediaries that, unintentionally, connect the rogue pharmacies with patients and consumers.  Stronger co-operation between these organisations is crucial to prevent online sales of counterfeit medicines. ASOP EU holds the view that the best way to disrupt this criminal activity is through voluntary and collaborative action on the part of the intermediaries. Under this approach, private sector companies that provide services in support of online pharmacies would share information on sites that sell counterfeit or illegal pharmaceuticals.

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