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GIRP has an ‘open door’ policy and is always glad to welcome new members. GIRP’s guide to membership brochure asserts GIRP’s strategic axes, namely GIRP’s mission, vision and objectives. It gives insight into GIRP’s added value, focusing on interest representation at European level, the publications and communication GIRP members receive on a constant basis, as well as the conferences and events organised.

  1. Be involved in the political orientation and decision-making!
  2. Influence the European legislative process to influence YOUR legislation!
  3. Benefit from an extensive, tailor-made information service!
  4. Expand your business opportunities and contact network!
  5. Make your voice heard in Europe!

GIRP, the European Healthcare Distribution Association, is the umbrella organisation of pharmaceutical full-line wholesalers in Europe. GIRP is a leading voice in public policy making in the European pharmaceutical sector. It represents its members’ interests at the highest levels of the European Union.

Set Policy Positions

GIRP membership gives access to a leading forum of debate and discussion on the development of European political affairs.

GIRP full members have access to each of the organs of GIRP and therefore play a central role in influencing the policy making process which has a direct impact on the business of all wholesalers.

GIRP members have a privileged position in setting the policy orientation of the association and its lobbying activities.

Influence the European Legislative Process to Influence your Legislation

European legislation directly determines national legislation. GIRP has access to the root source of this process and is in a unique position to communicate the priorities of the wholesaling sector, taking national interests into account. GIRP participates in EU Working Groups on pharmaceutical distribution.

GIRP is therefore a leading voice in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector, by providing a constant stream of direct input into the development of European Regulations and Directives.

GIRP employs a dynamic team of public affairs specialists and runs an active contact network with the leading political decision-makers in Brussels.

GIRP proactively informs media, analysts and critics about health service solutions offered by full-line wholesaling and responds to external enquiries on members’ behalf all costs. The full range, comprising all medicines used in the geographical areas of activity, allows for cross-subsidisation in a solidarity-based approach, so that less-expensive medicines can be supplied in exactly the same quality and frequency as expensive medicines. Less expensive medicines alone do not offer sufficient margins for wholesalers to cover the costs of storage, handling and supply.

Benefit from an extensive, tailor-made information service

GIRP members are instantly alerted and informed on the critical issues:

  • Our members are updated on central and pressing issues through instant email alerts.
  • Through our electronic, weekly press review our members are informed through our holistic electronic press screening, covering all major national and international publications.

GIRP members also frequently receive:

  • Market information, statistical data from IMS, and other widespread information related on the European and international pharmaceutical sector.
  • Newsletter services covering in-depth analysis of European politics, policy and legislation.

GIRP members have privileged and complete access to the comprehensive database of internal information contained in the “members only” section of the GIRP website.

GIRP provides know-how on new trends (e.g. pharmacy retailing) and new supply chain initiatives etc.

Expand your Business Opportunities and Contact Network

GIRP membership offers unrivalled exposure to an extensive network of vital contacts for business expansion opportunities reaching to the highest levels of the executive management structures of some of the largest pharmaceutical actors in the sector.

GIRP boasts an extensive network, which includes senior politicians, European and national institutional decision makers in addition to stakeholder associations and other health care related organisations.

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Membership benefits

  • If you are interested in becoming a member GIRP can offer you the following membership benefits.

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