European Healthcare Distribution Association / Groupement International de la Répartition Pharmaceutique

GIRP - Annual Meeting and Conference - Madrid



28-30 MAY 2017 ∙ MADRID, SPAIN

In 2017, GIRP seeks to explore ways in which supply chain stakeholders can harness and benefit from healthcare value levers. Through effective supply chain collaboration and technological evolution, stakeholders can unlock hidden opportunities that have the potential to deliver new and innovative impulses and healthcare approaches. 

We invite you to join our GIRP members, representatives from pharmaceutical manufacturers and national and European policy makers to discuss how we can best capitalise on new ideas and developments in the healthcare sector and optimise value across the entire supply chain and the patient.

You will hear from top-level industry representatives from Europe, Canada and the United States and you will be invited to exchange with them on ways to address healthcare challenges and how the healthcare industry can deliver value to payers and ultimately enable better patient outcomes.

The GIRP annual meetings gather over 200 top executives from the healthcare sector in order to communicate and share experiences, best-practices and lessons learned along our path to ensuring a safe and continuous supply of medicines and healthcare services whenever and wherever they are needed.

The programme will focus on: 

Visions for the future of healthcare distribution: Speakers will explore the overarching trends and developments in the international healthcare distribution and services sector at present and in the foreseeable future.

Medicine verification systems in Europe: Panellists will provide an update from across Europe on the establishment of National Medicines Verification Systems. In particular, the panellists will discuss challenges and best practices that have emerged over the course of the past year.

Patient-centered approach: Here, we will examine the value and advantages of inter-sectoral cooperation for the benefit of the patient. All stakeholders must work together to apply a holistic patient-centric approach in order to ensure that healthcare spending and healthcare outcomes are addressed in a balanced way.

The value of Big Data in healthcare: How can healthcare stakeholders draw on the value of Big Data to drive faster and wider innovation?


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