European Healthcare Distribution Association / Groupement International de la Répartition Pharmaceutique

Border closures and restrictions

Border closures and restrictions (23 April 2020)

As the COVID-19 outbreak hit Europe, European Member States quickly endeavored to close their borders and limit the movement of people in order to contain the spread. As production and distribution of medicines is a multinational activity, the significant border delays have considerably impacted the transport of medicines. 


GIRP quickly called for the full implementation of “Green lanes” for medicines distribution. In this respect, GIRP warmly welcomed the European Commission (EC) PresidentUrsula von der Leyen’s video address and fully agreed with her statement made: “We have to keep cross-border transport of supplies flowing, in particular that of medical products” .

We also 
fully embraced the European Commission’s moves to rapidly establish guidelines for EU Member States to put in place said “Green lanes for the transport of medicines. 


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