European Healthcare Distribution Association / Groupement International de la Répartition Pharmaceutique

Past events

GIRP has a long and positive track-record with organising events for its members, out of which the Annual General Meeting is the most important. Hosted in exclusive venues and supported by a rich social programme, our conferences attract high profile speakers amongst which are European officials and pioneering CEOs who share their first-hand experience and provide an insight in the latest developments.


Vienna, Austria, 12-13 March 2020

Already in its fifth consecutive year, the Supply Chain Conference explored ways to create a true pharmaceutical value chain

The conference analysed the impact and shared best practice examples of recent EU-level regulations (Falsified Medicines Directive, the new Medical Devices Regulation,the European Green Deal and the medical cannabis supply chain) to support actors in elevating their operations to the new requirements. The conference also explored how to best guarantee product quality and safety through new management models and the use of the latest innovative technologies. Participants, who joined both on- and offline, discovered what value chain experts predict as the most relevant and game-changing developments for the temperature-controlled supply chain, including the latest solutions and technologies in the pipeline to support a safe and secure delivery of temperature-sensitive products. Finally, participants examined how full-service healthcare distribution could change in the age of technology by exchanging best practices of drone delivery and collaborating in the supply of gene therapies, amongst others, and gained insights on how 3D printing could impact the healthcare industry as a whole. 




Stockholm, Sweden, 26-28 May 2019

“Building a Brighter Future: A Digital Agenda for Patients”

In 2019, we tackled the topic of digitisation and innovation throughout the healthcare supply chain to the benefit of the patient. Technology progress is having many direct and indirect impacts on healthcare. It is leading us towards an increased patient-centric practice as it enables new ways of dispensing and interacting with the patient. GIRP had convened a great panel of expert speakers to share their experience and knowledge and address the opportunities arising from new technologiesThe conference was structured around three key points to address: new technologies in the supply chain, collaboration with traditional and new healthcare stakeholders and the pharmacy of the future. We dived into all these revolutionising perspectives, exploring how the new trends will impact the sector and assessing what are the untapped opportunities to develop - keeping in mind always how these will bring to the utmost benefit of our patients.



Cannes, France, 28-29 March 2019

“Pharma distribution 4.0 - together transforming delivery”

A record number of 120 delegates and speakers gathered to exchange and network at the seaside in Cannes, France, on topics such as the latest innovations for temperature control during last mile distribution, latest technologies in supply chain automation and the status of FMD implementation. Our audience got the chance to discuss on transforming B2B supply chain operations unisng new technology models and blockchain-enabled solutions for stability budget tracking of medicinal products. The conference's overarching theme was how actors in the supply chain can harness opportunities from latest innovations and data driven technologies to build stronger networks and create more efficient and effective supply chain operations. 



Dublin, Ireland, 27-29 May 2018

“Entrepreneurship in Healthcare: Powering Innovation”

Innovation has become the key factor driving change and transformation in the pharmaceutical value chain. In 2018, GIRP convened a fantastic line-up of speakers, ranging from the political figures and policy-makers to business and professional experts. Together, they tackled issues of innovation, investment, entrepreneurship, legislation, market trends, healthcare accessibility and explored new ways to convert business opportunities into valuable partnerships.  



Windsor, United Kingdom, 21-22 March 2018

“Supply Chain to Value Chain: together adding value”

GIRP partnered with its British member, the Healthcare Distribution Association UK (HDA UK) to provide the audience with insightful content and engaging discussions on the latest hot topics of the pharmaceutical supply chain. Over 100 guests, including expert speakers from pharmaceutical manufacturing, healthcare distributors, and other supply chain stakeholders, as well as 5 GMDP inspectors, joined us and contributed to the debates. Topics ranged from latest innovations in handling temperature-sensitive products and the use of electronic delivery notes to the implementation of the Falsified Medicines Directive. 


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