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Keen on working with us in the EU-capital? GIRP has a long-lasting history with hiring trainees for our daily work with our team sharing its knowledge and skills and giving an insight in the pharmaceutical sector and the functioning of European legislative processes. Read the testimonials from our previous GIRP trainees here and see how our traineeships provide valuable first-hand work experience which could kick-start your career.

Orsolya Küttel

Orsolya KuettelMy traineeship at GIRP, the European Healthcare Distribution Association, was a highly prestigious experience not only in the field of European affairs, but also with regard to the healthcare sector in general.  I had the unique opportunity to work in an international environment in the capital of the European Union.  The 6 months I spent at GIRP enabled me to gain experience in the functioning of a European umbrella organisation that represents national associations. This internship, therefore, provided important insights into the cooperation between the European institutions and the Member States of the European Union.

My everyday responsibilities at the office were composed of a high variety of tasks including general administration as well as more complex challenges. Collecting, analysing and preparing GIRP’s statistics and country reports were highly relevant to my educational background in international economics. I also had the opportunity to carry out research in relevant European pharmaceutical and healthcare-related topics, and to attend workshops at the European Parliament and the European Commission. Furthermore, I was able to develop new skills in event management, as I assisted with the organisation of such events as GIRP’s Annual Meeting and Conference in Noordwijk and the Supply Chain Conference in Brussels. In connection with this, one of my favourite tasks was to assist in developing and launching a mobile App for GIRP’s events.

In conclusion, working for GIRP was definitely one of my best work experiences as a trainee. I am highly convinced that these past six months were a very important milestone in my professional development, as I have now been selected for a traineeship at the European Commission. This is an important step in my future career. Moreover, the always friendly and encouraging colleagues created a supportive working environment where I could enjoy even the busiest days and the most challenging tasks. 

Luca Schombert

Luca SchombertMy six-month internship at GIRP allowed me to experience a valuable and first-class understanding, training and involvement with the European lobbying scene, and provided me with good insights into the global pharmaceutical system.

The atmosphere in the office was very friendly and dynamic thanks to a young but, qualified and really efficient team that made me promptly feel welcomed.

I really enjoyed my time with GIRP because I had a wide variety of tasks to accomplish. My main activities included: assistance in the organisation of GIRP’s 57th Annual General Meeting and Conference in Noordwijk (Netherlands), support in the organisation of internal meetings (preparation of documents, set-up, compiling of power point presentations, etc.) and maintaining the association’s internet presence by constantly updating the GIRP social network accounts. Furthermore, I contributed to the association’s various researching and translation tasks and wrote inputs for GIRP’s numerous publications.

Last but not least, I had the great opportunity to meet and get in touch with high level representatives of the pharmaceutical sector and to put my foreign language skills into practice. I am really thankful to GIRP and, overall, must say that I really appreciated this internship experience; it contributed to deepening both my personal and professional competences at the European level. I definitely recommend GIRP for an internship, as it provides young and (pro)active students with a perfect introduction to the international business world.

Lena Telohe

Lena Telohe

I am very thankful for the time I spent working with GIRP. During the six months at the European Healthcare Distribution Association, I got an insight into the European pharmaceutical sector.

One of my tasks was to research, translate and edit articles for various publications relevant for the pharmaceutical sector. As I was mostly in charge of English, French and German translations of various delegations, questionnaires and letters from and to GIRP Members, I got to know the different fields of interest of a Healthcare Distribution Association. Besides the preparation and organization assistance at in-office meetings and the Autumn Meetings, I had the chance to participate in an external conference relevant to the healthcare sector. Apart from administrative office support, general information research for the staff members and the compilation of Power Point presentations, I was responsible for the maintenance of GIRP`s internet presence. At the end of my internship, I was involved in sponsorship for conferences as well as for GIRP in general.

Overall, I would say that this internship was an enriching experience for me, not only because of the interesting insights into the European healthcare sector and the various tasks, but also because of the international, supportive, dynamic, and friendly team. 

Tina Debeljak

Tina Debeljak

Working for European Healthcare Distribution Association will be remembered as one of my favourite working experience. Description of my tasks varied from news screening of pharmaceutical related topics to following legislative developments to drafting reports. Since my educational background is legal, areas of my workload were in close relation to my interests and my studies. There was never a dull moment working at GIRP.

Being in the centre of European Union’s politics is a unique advantage, to get first-hand experience on how the legislative and its supportive procedures really work. I had the chance to attend conferences, workshops, listened to ENVI Committee meetings and later provide reports. Doing research or just drafting a document, the work was always interesting and the office atmosphere enjoyable.

Since my traineeship period overlapped with autumn meetings I also had the chance to experience the intensive rhythm of meetings and events. Having no idea how much work and effort needs to be put in organisation and preparation, this was one of my favourite memories. All the energy put into the preparations come back so rewording.  

The traineeship was very advantageous, not only from professional aspect but also in terms of social life. I have gotten a chance to meet MEPs, lobbyists, heads of pharmaceutical companies as well as some really interesting people with whom I can now call my friends.

Jennifer Webersdorfer

I am very thankful that I got the opportunity to fulfill my internship at GIRP, it provided me an insight into the European pharmaceutical sector, as well as the European lobbying scene. Hence that I have been working in all areas, starting from event organization to information research, I got a deep insight into the association.

One of my main tasks was welcoming guests, introducing them to our office and handling general concerns. I appreciated this task a lot, not only because I like to interact with people a lot, also I got even more confident talking to people in a higher position and even practicing my language skills in English and French. Besides that I assisted for internal meetings (preparation of meeting documents, set-up, compiling of power point presentations, etc.), assisted with the organization of GIRP’s Annual General Meeting in Sofia, Bulgaria and the organization of meetings in member companies/association, the Google offices and the European Parliament. Furthermore, I was in charge of updating the association’s website, writing inputs for European briefs, the compilation of power point presentations and documents for internal meetings and external conferences. Additionally, during my time at GIRP I handled a huge part of the office administration and duties, such as, translating, preparing financial statements for the accountant, drafting mails, updating the database and placing orders.

Summing up, I especially enjoyed working in an international environment with a young, dynamic team. I do not hesitate recommending GIRP for a traineeship, as it will provide you a base knowledge how organizations work on a European level.

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