European Healthcare Distribution Association / Groupement International de la Répartition Pharmaceutique

About GIRP

GIRP is the European Healthcare Distribution Association (Groupement International de la Répartition Pharmaceutique). 


GIRP and its members

GIRP, the European Healthcare Distribution Association,  umbrella organisation of full-service healthcare distributors in Europe. It represents the national associations of over 750 pharmaceutical wholesalers serving 34 European countries, as well as major international and pan-European healthcare distribution companies. GIRP members employ over 140,000 people and distribute around 15 billion packs of medicines as well as a wide range of healthcare products per year. As the vital link in healthcare, they are committed to developing and providing innovative and efficient healthcare products and services to improve health and wellbeing of patients across Europe. 

GIRP services

GIRP offers its members individual as well as collective support services and assistance affecting on a daily basis the business of pharmaceutical full-line wholesaling. GIRP works with national association and company members through the provision of advice, information, statistics and other data. The aim is to provide tailor-made services to match members’ unique needs, priorities and challenges. 

GIRP is committed to advocating its members’ perspective to the European institutions and policy-makers. We provide this across a wide range of healthcare related issues especially in the pharmaceutical, medical devices and other healthcare products and services.

Collaboration as key word 

GIRP firmly believes that rigorous and continuous cooperation at all levels of the healthcare supply chain is key to the safe and efficient distribution of medicines from the manufacturer through to the patient. 


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